De-risk data science

Data science projects are a huge risk. There is no way to know whether what you want to do is possible until you try and either succeed or fail. Normally. With our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms and focus on interpretable methodologies, not only can we help determine whether your specific question is answerable but which questions you can answer. And we can do it in days, not months.

Our process

  1. Identify a set of business questions
  2. Identify and collect data expected to contain relevant information
  3. Run the data through our Reformer Artificial Intelligence platform
  4. Sit with stakeholders and ask/answer questions in real-time
  5. Build a solution around the valuable, answerable questions

Depending on data and stakeholder availability, we can complete steps 1-4 in two weeks. At this point, we will have determined whether there is any valuable information in your data. If there is, we move forward building a production solution; if there is not, we saved you months or years of wasted effort.

Why Redpoll?

Our people are better because they have to be. Our core business is the research and development of new AI capabilities. We build impossible things, so our people have to be impossibly good.

Our technology enables an entirely different workflow, which allows us to deliver more robust, interpretable, and trustworthy products months sooner.

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