@Scott Yang

Likelihood based data drift detection

Advantages of using a probabilistic model-based approach to monitor for systematic changes in incoming data

@Michael T. Schmidt

Introducing The changepoint Library

Online changepoint detection for rust and python

@Baxter Eaves

Introducing Lace: Bayesian tabular data analysis in Rust and Python

A machine learning tool optimized for human learning

@Baxter Eaves

Improve your data with model-based anomaly detection

Learn how to find outliers, anomalies, and hidden errors to protect you and your customers, and keep data quality high

@Baxter Eaves

Identifying and visualizing different sources of uncertainty in machine learning

How the Redpoll platform conveys uncertainty information to promote appropriate trust, and to guide efficient data collection

@Bryan Dannowitz

Better Synthetic Data with Redpoll Reformer

Complex artificial data creation that maintains meaning

@Baxter Eaves

Tutorial: Infinite Mixture Model in Rust with rv 0.12

Building a supremely useful model in a supremely useful programming language.

@Baxter Eaves

Epistasis is easy

Nonlinearity can be understood simply... with the right tools

@Michael Schmidt

Use Case: Anomaly as Diversity in Plant Breeding

Optimizing for genetic distance can cause information loss

@Baxter Eaves

Escaping the data science death spiral

How today's Machine Learning technology forces us into wasteful processes and how we can escape them

@Baxter Eaves

Faster and cheaper with stream-native artificial intelligence

@Bryan Dannowitz

Use Case: Gamma Ray Detection with the MAGIC Telescope

Hands-on with Reformer

@Baxter Eaves

Components of safe Artificial Intelligence

What artificial intelligence needs — in addition to people — to be safe

@Baxter Eaves

On Humanistic Artificial Intelligence

Choosing cognition — not the brain — as the basis of Artificial Intelligence design

@Baxter Eaves

Why we are using plant breeding to test defense AI

Like the battlefield, nature is a complex and unpredictable system that crushes best-laid plans under constant and unprecedented change

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