We are working hard toward launching a closed beta of the Redpoll Core AI/ML technology. Tentative launch: May-June 2021

Applications for the Redpoll Beta have closed.

The above demo represents an early prototype run on local hardware. The look, feel, and functionality will differ in the beta.

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Phase 1 // Learn the ropes

At launch, users will have access to a number of curated datasets. Users will be able to start an oracle (question-answering) server instance, which they may access through a web applciation.

Phase 2 // Python

Phase 2 allows users to bring Redpoll Core into their code by providing a python client to the backend services.

Phase 3 // Bring your own data

In phase 3, users will be able to upload and analyze their own small datasets.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the Redpoll beta?

A: The beta is an opportunity for you to get your hands on our zero-cost question tech and for us to learn from you.

Q: When will the beta launch?

A: We are aiming for a May or June 2021 lanch.

Q: Who is the beta for?

A: Technical subject area experts. Redpoll technology is designed for people who know a domain really well and have some experience doing simple analyses in Excel, SAS, Tableau, R, or similar tools.

Q: Why can't I import my own data at launch?

A: We want to minimize frustration by controlling variables. Core is different technology, so we want to give users time to understand how it works before applying it to their own data. Additionally, building the data import feature after launch allows us to launch earlier.

Q: What is the difference between 'Core' and 'Reformer'?

A: Core is the core of our AI technology. Reformer is a system that sits on top of Core and adds streaming data capabilities. Since the beta will focus on static data, Reformer capabilities will not be included in the beta.