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For decades, data scientists have been forced into an opaque and wasteful question-first data science workflow by black-box, question-oriented AI/ML. We're changing that.


A better way to do data science

Discovery is about exploration — about asking and answering questions — but today's AI/ML technology makes that as hard as possible.


Today's question-oriented AI/ML tech forces us into a workflow in which we are required first to identify a question then set about an onerous iterative process to (maybe) answer it.


Redpoll enables an entirely different, more human, workflow that begins with the data. The system learns about the data, then allows you to answer question after question effortlessly and transparently.

Designed for high-risk, high-impact domains.

Redpoll’s clients include government agencies and research institutions, international agriculture organizations; chemical and biotech companies; investment funds, and healthcare providers. We work on complex problems for organizations seeking to improve and save lives. Our unique technology allows our clients to achieve their goals with unrivaled speed and transparency.

We are happy to engage in conversations with organizations who may be a fit for our technology. Please get in touch to set up a time.

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Redpoll is deliberate about the organizations with whom we choose to partner. If you’re interested in working with us, please fill out the brief form below and we’ll set up a time to connect!