AI for Understanding

At Redpoll we develop new classes of Artificial Intelligence designed to work with people, not instead of people.

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Artificial Intelligence designed from the ground up to work with human intelligence.

How Data Science is done today

Modern machine learning is designed for automation, not discovery

Today's machine learning (ML) tools are designed to highly optimize and automate away individual tasks. One ML model solves one problem. Thus, the data science workflow consists of doing loads work to (maybe) address a single problem/question. And because ML is developed to take tasks from people, ML hides knowledge in a black box, making it inappropriate for high-risk or knowledge-critical tasks.

Doing data science with Redpoll

A new way to do data science

Redpoll technology is designed to work with people, not instead of people. Our technology enables a much streamlined workflow in which learning occurs up front, which allows users to ask questions with no additional effort and receive transparent answers to drive discovery and innovation in high-risk, high-impact domains.

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